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July 11, 2012

Trading Yucks for Yums

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I read somewhere (most likely on the Internet, the Bringer of All Un-Cited Wisdom) that it is rude and close-minded to “yuck someone else’s yum.” Meaning, if your friend has a thing for liver and onions, or enjoys eating cheap ground beef for dinner, or likes sweet pickles in any other application but the occasional spoonful of relish on a hot dog at a baseball game, or likes to dip French fries in those amazing Wendy’s Frosties (as I did during every youth group outing to that chain in junior high and high school), you can’t look at them and say “yuck.”

*You can, however, look at them when they are eating copious amounts of beef or processed meats and say “good luck with your cancer.” As long as it’s not yuck.

I’m going to point fingers at my husband here and say that he regularly yucks my yum. I like fresh tomatoes. He only eats them cooked, and they better be pureed; none of that chunky tomato nonsense for him, thankyouverymuch. (This is why my stick blender never ever leaves my side in the kitchen.) Mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, with a little kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper? He asks me, “Do you KNOW what they grow those in?? Poop!!” Zucchini…ahh, zucchini. That overly abundant, incredibly versatile summer vegetable. It overflows gardens, friends try to pawn off their extras, and creative recipes pop up on Pinterest constantly. I love many applications of zucchini: grilled? sauteed? baked into zucchini bread? Haven’t tried this one, but I hear “the zuke” makes divine tots. And you know who doesn’t like this wonderous veg?


Oh, my poor hypocritical self. It was a few weeks ago that Hubs was waxing rhapsodic on his favorite-in-moderation beverage: beer. He is picky about beer: none of that cheap Miller/Bud/PBR/Keystone crap that placates the unwashed masses. Pity the fool that offers him a light beer, which is an offense in the eyes of God. He likes quality craftmanship in his beer, and is always up for a glass from the local microbrewery. The man knows his stuff…and I have no interest. (Not like I don’t enjoy a glass of, oh, anything but beer; the texture throws me! Smells like bread, chews like water…eh. Give me a glass of wine, a mixed drink with rum or tequila; I’ll even have vodka before I’ll choose a beer.)

He was enjoying his beer and trying to get me to take a taste, which I refused: I’ve been down this road before. He looked at me for a moment, and came up with a stunning arrangement-if I’ll learn to like beer, really like it, and be able to drink an entire bottle of “good” beer with a smile on my face, he will be open-minded and try zucchini. “Deal,” I said, before I really thought about it.

So now I have to learn to like beer-any suggestions? I already like hard ciders, which are kind of like gateway beers: what should I try next? I’ve already tried the light/flavored beers, which are kind of disgusting. I need a real beer that is also tasty for those of us who don’t like strong yeast flavors in a drink, which considering it’s beer, may be an impossible task.

And as for Kevin and zucchini? Well, considering I got him to try beets and he loved them, I’m not too concerned.


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