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January 19, 2010

Working 2 jobs

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Big news; I got hired at Plato’s Closet as a keyholder (which is essentially a supervisory position). I had an interview last week, but I didn’t want to write anything about it in case they decided not to hire me. I am nothing if not a proud sort, and I didn’t really want to embarrass myself by getting excited about a job prospect that had the bottom fall out of it.

I have spent several hours working there, and am going back tonight to help close. Eventually, I will need to be able to close the store without the manager or the other keyholders there. The training has been pretty intense, and we’re all working fast. Things move quickly, and there is always something to do. I am even learning how to work a cash register! So far, that is one of the most terrifying tasks for me. If someone approaches the counter with a few items and asks to check out, I agree to ring up their purchases. However, my knees tremble wildly and my armpits spring leaks. Attractive, no?

Funny story; another girl working there is a newlywed who married her Marine right after his graduation from boot camp. Yesterday, I was working in the guy’s section when she came up and asked if I was a military wife. I told her yes, and she asked, “Where do I get my ID?” I was suddenly, for the first time, experiencing the dynamic of officer’s wife and enlisted’s wife, trying to help out however I could. I want to write a post about fraternization, because it’s something I have been wrestling with ever since Kevin and I started dating, but since I am about to leave for work soon, this probably isn’t the best time to start it. Rest assured, I will write one and it will be awesome.

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