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January 12, 2010

Total shock and amazement

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The MOI for the NROTC here at the university just called Kevin. We have been anxiously awaiting Kevin’s PTAD orders to finally come in, since he can’t start working until all of the paperwork has been done. The MOI here is a quality guy; married with two adorable daughters and loves the Lord. After Kevin got off the phone with him, he told me that his orders have come in, he starts work on Tuesday…and PTAD has just been discontinued. When I say “just been discontinued,” I mean the orders showed up today, and then another email came that discontinued PTAD a few hours later. The MOI told Kevin that God must be really looking out for us.

Of course, with this said about God’s provision and whatnot, I am already wondering about all of the midshipmen Marine options who will graduate and commission in May. TBS is seriously backed up, and I cannot see any of them actually getting to report to Quantico in a timely manner. This roughly translates into, “hey guys, you are graduating and will not receive any income for the next, oh, 6 months, give or take.” For those who are doing a hat trick and getting married at the same time, I do worry for their wives. I know I’ve really struggled to stay positive when we were waiting on orders, and when the plans changed…and changed…and our paycheck seemed to recede on the horizon. Maybe this whole thing just takes practice. Oh, and prayer.

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