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January 8, 2010

Holiday madness

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We finally are able to relax now that the holidays are over. My husband and I spent our Christmas with my parents, and New Years with his. I loved the hospitality, the food (oh the food), and the old friends we got to catch up with. This was the first holiday where I was actually busy. In years past, when my parents took care of everything that could possibly cause stress, finals were what stressed me out, and Christmas was the time to relax. Now I have my own household, so I was responsible for Christmas cards, gifts, bringing food to family events…Kevin helped, of course, but life was so much easier when I didn’t have to do anything.

Tomorrow I start my first post-graduation job. I am working as a tutor for a high schooler in precalculus/trig. It has been 5 years since I have studied the material. God is good, though; I already got a raise and haven’t had my first day yet! My driving skills (and not so fabulously-handling car) will be put to the test tomorrow, as this town received serious snowfall. Fun for me to watch, because I was inside cleaning the apartment and studying material for Sunday School. Not fun for the drivers outside; our intersection is dangerous enough (there is at least one angry honk’n’squeal every day).

Stay warm!

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